Join Sean Usyk for the
Fantasy Illustration Workshop
at 1:30 PM in the Music Room.

An artist based in Central New York, Sean Usyk received his education from Savannah College of Art and Design and The Academy of Art University. Sean’s work captures the fantastical nature of storytelling for books, board games, and card games. His work often depicts characters and creatures in luscious environments filled with history and experiences. Drawing from his love for science, nature, the human figure, and traditional illustration, Sean’s work focuses on dramatic lighting in a painterly application on characters and environments drawing the viewer into the majestic beauty of the narrative. Sean also teaches at MVCC, sharing his passion for drawing, painting, and storytelling.

During the Fantasy Illustration Workshop, Sean will focus on the illustration process from beginning to end. The various stages of illustration will be shown in a live digital demonstration. Original sketches and studies will be presented as well. Questions will be accepted at the end of the demo.