Comic Justice

Comic Justice is the radio show where WPNR 90.7 FM gives comics the justice they deserve.

Hosted by The Incredible C.J. (C.J. Smith) with his partner in crime the Hebrew Hammer (Ben Tuchman), Comic Justice is a radio show that airs on Sundays at 2pm during the fall and spring
semesters at Utica College. During the show, C.J. will review the newest comics he has read and later discussed all things comic related in the news. This news covers print comics, television, movies, and basically anything that is superhero related. In between segments, C.J. will DJ in music to a specific theme during the show or just whatever he is feeling that particular Sunday. They originally started in the spring semester of 2014 and will continue to air every Sunday until C.J.’s graduation in May of 2016. C.J. also has a comic related YouTube channel also titled The Incredible C.J. where he shows off the books in collection, his con experiences, reviews, and all things comics year round. Ben and C.J. are both avid comic collectors and love all things pop culture, as Ben is known to have a fandom into all things nerdy from anime to superheroes to Star Wars and beyond.

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