The Art Force Five
The Art Force Five is the team of creative supeheroes from Alfred University’s Drawn to Diversity program. The heroes represent the values and mission of Drawn to Diversity segmented into five easy-to-digest and creative (of course) ways. The Art Force Five illustrates that superheroes can exist within each of us by allowing anyone the opportunity to adorn the apron and deliver powerful messages of anti-violence, community-building, and creative problem solving.

The Art Force Five are real-life superheroes who promote the ultimate power of creativity. They are Graphite the illustrator, Brushstroke the painter, Zoom the photographer, 3-D the sculptor, and Runway the fashion designer. Since 2007, this team has presented over two hundred “creativity workshops” for schools and professionals, from community centers to comic cons. When not instilling the power of creativity, the team uses art to help address difficult issues within communities. The program has received support from both MTVu and Marvel Comics.

The Art Force Five will present
Creativity Over Conflict
The Art Force Five champion creativity as the ultimate superpower. This interactive show includes magic tricks, prizes, history lessons, and role play. Appropriate for all ages.
and will run
Heroes Within craft stations
Attendees can design their own hero by making a clothespin action figure and designing their own super cape.

In addition, a Drawn to Diversity exhibit will be on display before and during the convention, showing over thirty comic books that follow the history of the art form and various milestones for equality.