Author J.J.M. Czep
Born in Whitesboro, fantasy novelist J.J.M. Czep visits FANDEMICON!

Warning mates, here there be pirates and trolls!

This is your chance to meet the creative spirit behind Trolls and Blackstrap’s Ecstasy as J.J.M. Czep drops in from arizona to join the fun and Fandemicon! From pirates to trolls, there are always interesting characters around when Czep is in town! Experience recordings from live ComiCon performances of scenes from Blackstrap’s Ecstasy, ask about the strange findings from the world of Trolls, and maybe enjoy some pirate belly dancing!

Blackstrap’s Ecstasy is the first in the DREAD Fleet series. Pirates have a way of stretching the truth a bit, but it always makes for a grand tale. This book is appropriate for New Adult readers seeking adventure.

Trolls is the whimsical adventure of young Emily as she comes face to face with Trolls, Dragons, and the dreaded Dot! Readers young and young at heart will enjoy this delightful journey filled with magic, creativity, and friendship.

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