Cosplay Contest

Sign up to walk the runway and strike a pose for the judges! All ages Welcome!

Come dressed up as your favorite hero, villain, comic book, video game, or anime character! Whichever you’re a fan of, dress up and win prizes by Right Stuf and more!

Cosplay Contest Costume rules:
Please keep in mind Fandemicon is a family friendly event when choosing a costume.

  • All costumes/clothing must comply with local laws.
  • Utica Public Library Policies and Procedures will still be in effect, including that shoes are required.
  • Nudity or the illusion of nudity is not allowed. At a minimum, body parts that would need to be covered in a public swimming pool must be covered at the convention.
  • Costumes should have only family friendly language and imagery.
  • No weapons of any kind will be permitted.
  • No full masks or head gear that completely conceal identity. Face make-up and partial masks are allowed.

Large elaborate costumes are encouraged, however please allow room for patron traffic.
FANDEMICON, and the Utica Public Library, reserves the right to ask an attendee to change if their clothing (or lack thereof) is deemed inappropriate. Click here for more information on FANDEMICON Rules & Conduct.

Cosplay Contest Judges
Contest Judges: Kevin Parker - 2CW crew, FoamTopia toys, & Green Lantern enthusiast, Jenn Wicks - video game, cosplay, pop culture & J-Culture enthusiast, & Eva Furcinito - Local Crafter, Hooper, & Dancer
Kevin Parker Р2CW crew, FoamTopia toys, & Green Lantern enthusiast, Jenn Wicks Рvideo game, cosplay, pop culture & J-Culture enthusiast, & Eva Furcinito РLocal Crafter, Hooper, & Dancer