Saturday August 21st 1:00 pm

Ages 16 years and up

The great library of Acit’U is home to the grandest collection of knowledge in the 8 and 1/2 Realms. A routine question about an invisible book will lead to mischief and mayhem. Are you brave enough to face the unspeakable dangers of a public library!?!

Technical Details: Players will need to create a free account with Roll20, a virtual tabletop software complete with a video/voice chat, map, tokens and other useful features. Players will also need to create a level three character using standard array for your stats. You may also choose one uncommon magical item for your character. A small selection of premade characters will be available for new players who would prefer a head start. 

Registration: Spots are limited. There will be a waitlist. If enough people are interested, a second time slot will be available. Once we receive your registration, will send an email to confirm your spot.

To register, visit:

Meet your DM: Will Stewart played his first game of Dungeons and Dragons two years ago and has been hooked ever since. He splits his time between his family, his job as an Outreach Librarian at Herkimer County Community College and his obsessive approach to homebrewing an adventure setting. He is also a published author whose work can be found at the Oneida County History Center.