Join Marissa Perkins for
SPFX Make-up for kids ages 8 to 14
at 12:30pm in the Music Room.

Marissa Perkins is a photographer and make-up artist living in Herkimer NY. There she owns a make-up photography studio, Retro Ruby’s Make-up & Photography, and operates a cosplay character company, Once Upon A Party. She has a background in theatre, theatrical & spfx make-up. She specializes in air-brush, building prosthetics, and enjoys sharing her passion with others.

During SPFX Make-up for kids, Marissa will teach how to elevate cosplay characters with make-up and creativity. In this hands on workshop, she will discuss make-up techniques, products, and application. Including latex, air brush, creating characters with kitchen elements, thrifty cosplay techniques and much more. Each person will have the opportunity, if space and time permits, to try some of the techniques learned and have time to ask questions. This will bring cosplay characters from “Alright” to “Award Winning”.

Participants will also have the opportunity to win a spot in her SPFX class in September 2018.