Meet Fran Krause
at 10:30am in the Gallery.

Fran Krause was born in Utica New York where he liked biking around and drawing things. He studied art at Munsion-Williams-Proctor Institute and then went to the Rhode Island School of Design. He lived in New York City for ten years working on cartoons like Blue’s Clues, Little Einsteins, and SuperJail. He also made two pilots for Cartoon Network with his brother Will. He moved to LA in 2010 and has since worked with Frederator Studios and Cartoon Network’s Over the Garden Wall. He teaches at CalArts and likes biking around and drawing things.

You can find two of Fran’s books, Deep Dark Fears and The Creeps, in the graphic novel area on the main floor.

Fran once visited the
Utica Public Library’s Children’s Room
in 2017 to make sure his books were doing okay.