The library is filled to the brim with books for anyone from any walk of life! All through the city, some of our friends have let us hide some of our favorite themed reads in their downtown businesses. Embark on an adventure through some of Utica’s best spots for food, arts, and commerce as you solve the riddles and find our books!

Follow the list of clues to figure out what business to check out!

Visit each business to find a copy of a book cover. Take a picture of the cover and send it to Send us a picture from each spot to enter to win gift cards to the businesses!


  1. Orwell would choose to open its door to eat at an address that ends in 84.
  2. With columns that demand ahhhs and ooo’s, a favorite place of Donald Crews.
  3. Our hometown’s name when bell bottoms were at peak fame.
  4. It may not be Central Perk, but Characters still come here.
  5. The vibes are never bad and the food is always *chef’s kiss.*
  6. Only a street apart with impeccable aesthetic taste.
  7. These players are not necessarily the sporty type.

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Virtual winner will receive a Loot Crate box and $50 STEAM gift card.