Why in the universe would you WANT to Escape the TARDIS?! Well, while the Doctor was away on an adventure returning his past companion’s overdue library books, his longtime frenemy, the Master, seized the opportunity to once again steal the TARDIS! (They didn’t know you were still inside the wardrobe.) You need to escape to warn the Doctor before the Master changes history and conquers the human race …again.


Hello Sweetie!

  • You have 20 minutes to solve the clues, but everything you need is inside the TARDIS.

  • Please treat the props with care.
  • No external tools or brute force is required.
  • Please do not spoil the fun for others..
  • ..but most importantly, have fun!

(This is a sampling of Escape the Room programs held at the library. Usually games last 45 minutes as there are more puzzles to solve.)

Escape the Tardis will be available in the Basement starting at 10:00am and finishing by 2:00pm