Saturday August 7th

10:30 am

Ages 16 and up

Are you new to the world of Dungeons and Dragons? Always wanted to play but are not sure how to create a character?

Join Kira Maddox live on the Utica Public Library Facebook page or the Utica Public Library YouTube channel to learn how to roll your character! Kira will walk through the steps beginning with choosing your class and race and ending with a full character sheet. Come with your questions ready.

Kira Maddox has been an avid DnD player for years. While her first experience was playing as a pre-made death cleric to sit in as the bad guy for a session, she has since gone on to bring more than 15 characters to life — Dahli’a Primavara, the “I was turned into a flower by fey magic once and now I’m here” ranger; Marigold “Gilly” Maggot, the small but mighty-ish halfling druid who’s very interested in public works; Eryna Evioro, the surprisingly self-sacrificing streetrat fighter; among others. When not gaming or attending local RenFests, she is the Public Relations Assistant at Herkimer County Community College. Kira also enjoys taking care of her houseplants, traveling around Upstate New York, and her fish-son Bub.